Dr. Roxy Zarrabi is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist who is passionate about helping people thrive and empowering them to tap into their inner wisdom.

Treatment Approach

I strongly believe that creating a space where your authentic self is truly seen and met with acceptance, can be an incredible healing experience. I also believe that the quality of the relationship between the therapist and the client is a significant building block of treatment and an essential component for client change. I provide therapy to individual adult clients with a specialization in working with emerging and young adult women.

I am a good fit with clients who are seeking a thoughtful, strengths-based, warm, and collaborative approach. My approach is integrative, and as such I utilize several schools of thought in my practice. The Interpersonal Process Approach and Positive Psychology guide my work with clients, however I also utilize Cognitive-Behavioral and Mindfulness treatments in my practice. This approach is adjustable and allows me to tailor my treatment to best suit your needs. 

In our work together, I will assist you in exploring past adverse events and their impact on the present. I will also assist you in increasing your self-awareness of your thought patterns as well as your emotions and how they influence your actions. An important component of our work together is helping you utilize your strengths and build self-compassion as well as other coping skills in order to change problematic patterns and enhance your quality of life. My goal is not to just help you survive, but also to help you thrive, which is a process I feel privileged and excited to engage in with you!  

Contact Information

Ph: (708) 967-3417

Email: info@drroxyzarrabi.com